Tuesday, May 27, 2008


The college where I work (when necessary, and only when necessary) is in the very midst of making a few changes, one of which began the day after graduation and the other just a few days later.

This should be fun to watch when the students return in late August. What was there, isn’t; what will be there, wasn’t.

One of them was a parking lot right in the middle of campus, or nearly so, for the teachers and administrators. Really not the best place and, although parking is fairly tight here (tight as in, let’s say, your underwear from when you were a teen), adjustments have been made so the lot can be made a green spot; we have so little of it. The lot is dirt right now; the pavement was all up a day or so after graduation, looking a lot like the main street in Paris during the Revolution.

Another was a three-story parking garage, long abandoned due to structural deficiencies. By that, we mean “no cars allowed and pedestrians should walk carefully.” It’s pretty much gone as I write this, and will be a gravel parking lot. The students picketed against it when it was being built anyway, so now when they return at reunion time, they will be satisfied.

Two old, long-abandoned buildings across the street are also coming down this summer. Whatever “business” took place in them will have to move to another abandoned building. In its place will be a commercial property, brand new and beautiful.


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