Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Brother Makes Plans For The Future

He writes: Grim Reaper? Or future reality?

We all know it will come to pass when the Grim Reaper cuts a swarth and it is in our row, but we do not talk about it. So if we consider this like a trip we’d take in our camper, then if you are like me, you plan ahead. So I am planning for the coming of the guy with the scythe. No, it is not about my exiting, but rather about leaving momentums and thoughts and a ray of comfort maybe.

Probably my most cherished trick is a book I am writing, composed of family anecdotes, things we did together, things that I did that they were never aware of, but all on a positive note. We enjoy wine; there is an option of starting a ten bottle wine cellar. I have a root cellar and these bottles will go unnoticed I am sure as our wines are kept in a cool closet.

At 85, my mother bought herself a top-shelf lawn mower. A neighbour had to come over and fire it up. They, and us, were also asking questions. It was only after her death two years later that I understood. She had bought it for me! With that thought in mind, I now buy quality tools, tools which will last forever, as I know somewhere along the line someone will be glad to have them.

This is a fun project and I am enjoying it. Using what I have learned from my mother and from putting myself in her place, I now understand how happy she must have been.


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