Sunday, May 25, 2008

If It Rains At The Fine Arts Fiesta. . .

I mentioned this the other day: When we have the Fine Arts Fiesta down in Public Square, we are going to have rain. It’s a sucker bet you can pull on the out-of-towners and amass a fair bit of coin so you can take off to a nicer part of the country until it blows over.

Someone wrote a letter to the newspaper yesterday. He said something to the effect, “Why don’t we move the Fiesta to July when we need the rain?” Y’know, the guy makes a lot of sense. Since it’s pre-planned from all eternity that the Wilkes-Barre Fine Arts Fiesta will be rained upon, we might as well have a good secondary effect: help the farmers.

Don’t make fun of his idea until you’ve tried it.

On another, perhaps not unrelated, point: umbrellas. You think it might rain, so you haul one around with you all day and nothing happens. You think you can get away without one and, when you are at the Point of No Return, the rain comes down.

Plan: Walk non-umbrellead with someone who has one. That should be enough to cancel out whatever the rain has in mind. You will not get wet because the other person has a rain-negating ‘brella in hand; since you would ordinarily get soaked with none, you have the option of ducking under your friend’s. While the rain is trying to figure out what to do, you will have arrived at your destination.

As usual, all advice is free and you may pass it on.


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