Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Thoughts In No Particular Order

Eliot Spitzer became Governor of New York on the promise to eliminate corruption in government. He did that today by resigning. He’s been a success; let’s give him a medal.

The local cops were running a little operation on the Market Street Bridge, also known as “The Indy 500 East.” It’s posted for 35 and there’s a stop light at the end. As I listened on the scanner, they were stopping people left and right, but only for doing over 50 (up to 61). The local tv station’s car got it for going 55, but it didn’t make the late-night news.

My thread on the Holland America Line section of the leading cruise ship message board has received far more views than I ever thought was possible. Most people get one, two or three thousand if they are really cooking. I’ve done 7,500 my first year, 10,000 next and then 15,000; this year, it’s up to 20,500 and I am truly amazed. You never know what’s going to be very popular.

The river went up to flood stage the other day, and later started dropping and, a day or two later went up to the riverbank again. We are protected from flood stage (22’) up to the top of the dikes (43’), so it wasn’t a big deal. But you do think about it, especially when you live on River Street.

Our city, with the best of intentions, wanted to issue permits for demonstrations. The only problem was with the $20 fee; you can’t do that. In researching the issue, I learned that St. Patrick’s Day parades are demonstrations, same as protesting a candidate.


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