Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Quieter It Is, The Noisier It Gets

It’s a quiet night; I have my radio off and all I can hear is my battery clock on the wall ticking off the seconds, the fridge making whatever little noise fridges make when it’s perfectly quiet, and the occasional car going by. That fridge is kinda noisy, but I guess during the day it gets drowned out by all the stuff that goes on and, as I notice now, even typing on the keyboard sort of covers it fairly well.

Several times, I lived in the sticks. One weekend, a woman and her son were directed to us and our spare apartment by a mutual friend; she just had to get out of her house for two or three days. I forget why; something about needing time and quiet. So we showed here where the room was and thought nothing of it.

The next morning, she was gone and there was only a note on the kitchen table. It seemed that the quiet she wanted was too quiet and too noisy. She could hear the trees creaking, the bats flying around, some animals in the woods – things like that. The kind of noises you don’t get in town. It pretty much freaked her out and she left sometime during the night, suitcase in hand, son in tow.

Country life can, indeed, be noisy. If you live by any water, there are several different kinds of frogs to serenade you at night and, given enough of them, they can be noisy. Many birds bed down for the night, but there are many who stay up and take care of business in the wee small hours. Lots of animals are on the prowl then, as well.

Perhaps we don’t have cars and trucks going by at night, but we do have our sounds.


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