Sunday, June 17, 2007

We Need More Ex-Lax

Saturday’s offering is a bit late and here is the reason why.

I’ve been helping a friend move. She isn’t going far – less than a mile – but whether it’s a mile or across the continent, the job is the same. Pack it up, get it moved, open it up and put it where it belongs.

We’re in the “pack it or toss it” stage right now and the movers are in the “Got a job on Tuesday morning” stage. There isn’t much for them to do; perhaps a dozen pieces of furniture and, of those, only five are of any size at all. The rest will go over in friends’ car trunks or pickups. She’s leaving a mobile home and going to a real house.

But it’s now Crunch Time. And that’s why this blog is late; I’ve been over there tonight, not meaning to miss the deadline for this to be posted before midnight. But it’s about 1:17 in the morning and nothing less than devastating illness will keep me from posting on a daily, nonstop basis.

“Nothing” includes Crunch Time at a friend’s moving weekend. I try to convince her that all will go well but, being as how this is her first move, she hasn’t had the experience yet. My practiced eye says, “Piece of cake.” Her unpracticed eye says, “More Tums!” I assure her that, one day, she will laugh about this. She does not believe me.

It’s too bad you can’t just stick some Ex-Lax in each box to help it move easier. Wouldn’t that be a good way to do it? I’ll have to propose that idea some time.


Anonymous ColdJoshVail said...

Moving is terrible.......helping someone is worse, but on the bright side, when you help move you do not have to clean, paint and re-arrange later on.

June 17, 2007 7:20 AM  

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