Saturday, April 07, 2007

A Curious Note In The Newspaper

Just a curious fact that popped up in the newspaper yesterday. It seems that the Sugar Notch Borough council passed a motion to disband the pension fund for the community’s police force. At first glance, it seems like a lousy thing to do to these brave people, but on second glance – well, let’s quote the newspaper: “Though council members could not recall when the fund was initiated, they said that no money was ever invested in it.”

For those who visit this blog from far away, Sugar Notch is a small borough. Very small. In the suburban news section of a former Sunday newspaper, it was combined with another equally-tiny burg as “Sugar Notch – Warrior Run.” Currently, it’s “Ashley – Sugar Notch.” Yes, there are smaller, we just don’t know where.

Anyway, you would think that a tiny little dot on the map would have enough of a corporate memory to recall when the police force’s pension fund was set up; someone would have remembered approx when they did it. Then they would see to it that money was allotted every month so, as the cops retired, there would be a little something for them.

Unless they got a hankering for something big, like Warrior Run.

Everybody has a story.
Dr. Peter Schneeman, local resident and highly respected educator, died last week. He had taught in several universities, both here and in Europe, as well as receiving a number of distinguished honors. His first job was as a cowboy in Montana.


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