Monday, December 11, 2006

Some Patents Issued This Year

The New York Times compiled a list of some patents issued this year. The proprietors of “Things At King’s” present a few as a public service:

-A miniature, and safe, ear vacuum.
-Beard trimmer with internal vacuum
-Sleep-inducing toothpaste.
-A ropeless jump rope (and a flameless candle)
-Umbrella having sprinkler device

You wonder how we ever got along without things like these. You may even wonder who thought them up and why. Some make sense; others are questionable.

-Covered bicycle with door
-Urinating animated toy
-Eye massaging device
-Flossing kit for pierced body parts
-Pet-operated ball-tossing device

What did the editor of the feature think was brilliant? A head-nodding alarm to avert sleep while driving. What got a “yuck”? An expandable vomit container.

What we need is a device to herd cats or get teens to clean their rooms.


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