Friday, December 08, 2006

Cat's Cradle

I’ve got a small apartment: 2 rooms, a bath and a small kitchenette. I also have shared custody of a cat.

At her main house, one floor, she has her perches, her routine and her Main Gal. They have their ways and the cat has her spots. Over here, it’s pretty much the same way. There are three main windows for hanging out: The morning window, to lay and get the sun; the afternoon window on the other side, which also doubles as an evening window and sometimes a “time for you to get to bed” window; as well as another front window for just sitting and looking.

Then there’s the second desk and the entertainment center. The center is The Main Sleeping Place. Jump to the desk, jump to a shelf top, jump to the entertainment top. That is the living room and, with a padded box on its side at the end, the cat’s cradle.

She also likes the back of my desk chair, either sitting up, or lying down; you can move the chair and she stays right where she is. She does much the same on its arms. She likes to lie down on the back of my recliner, quite possibly because it’s under a lamp, the kind you twist around to point in the right direction.

When it’s time for her mid-day or late evening snack, she wanders around the kitchenette (next to my desk) or sits next to me, looking up. A little bit of fish, chicken or turkey and she’s happy. Who wouldn’t be?


Blogger Cold Josh Vail said...

What's the cat's name,Queenie?

My cousin Don recently thought he'd outfox the cat as they don't really get along together much anymore. He filled up all the cat's hiding places, barring access, but for naught. The last time he emailed me he was getting ready to go to Home Depot with his truck for mortar and bricks. Haven't heard from him since.

December 10, 2006 6:38 PM  

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