Thursday, December 07, 2006

A Couple Of Attempts To Sneeze

We’ve all had those times when we feel a perfectly good sneeze coming on and, when we’re about to let it rip, it just isn’t there. Misfire. Bad start. A bit later, the Big One hits and blows every paper off the desk.

Our area has had three of those misfires this week of the snow type. First and second times, just a very little bit early in the morning. Third time, a little better: visible snow gathering on the tops of cars and the tree lawns. But still not a windpipe-cleaning, nose-emptying snowstorm. One of these days, the sky will go, “Ah – ah – ah – fooooosh 10 inches!”

A real good snowy sneeze.

We feel better when we’ve had one of our own. Our nose tickles just a bit, our head feels clear and there is a satisfied feeling about it all. When the atmosphere sneezes, it looks nice for a short time, but then we start to feel bad as we realize we have to shovel the stuff, it’s going to get colder after the storm passes and driving is going to be a pain.

One of these days, I will put the shovel into the car trunk and wait for that heavy, dark blue splotch to show up on the Doppler weather map at’s radar tab. Blue is snow and, as I write this, the state has quite a bit of it, but not the kind that drops a lot on us.

But one of these days, it’s going to sneeze a good one.


Anonymous ruthc said...

I never would have thought of it! To compare a sneeze to a snowstorm takes an unusual view.
Funny thing is once it's pointed out it's so obvious!

Nice essay.

December 09, 2006 10:39 PM  

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