Thursday, August 10, 2006

Probably A Lettuce Leaf At McDonald's

I don't know if "stunned" is the word; perhaps "amazed" or "disheartened" would be closer. But when I heard of the plot to blow up as many as ten airplanes over the Atlantic Ocean, I felt saddened over the thought that people would be so filled hate that they would kill well over a thousand people in the middle of nowhere. There would be no closure for the families, as there would be no bodies to bury - similar to the WTC.

A secondary effect in events such as this is a decline in flying. People shy away from planes, thinking it's not safe and they may be next. After 9/11 (on 9/17, to be exact), I was on a plane from Montreal to NYC and felt safe enough, although cruise ship bookings dropped through the floor. Bad for the cruise lines, good for me; prices dropped and I cruised on the cheap for three years until people realized that they could come out from under their beds and get about life again.

The same day the terrorists were to set off bombs on these planes, a thousand people would die from effects of cigarette smoking; another 110 from automobile accidents, and so on. In other words, ordinary life is more dangerous than terrorism. You've a better chance of dying from choking on a lettuce leaf at a McDonald's rather than an airplane or cruise ship attack.

And that's most likely what will happen. Your car hits something and you're unbelted; out the window you go, through the tunnel, to the bright light and dead relatives. You're taking some boxes down the cellar stairs and misjudge the first step; happened to a lady near here and they found her the next morning, quite cold. You really have to do something about your weight and those thick cheeseburgers with supersized fries, when suddenly you feel as if someone has punched you in the chest and you see the medics arriving ... as you move away from your body.

John Glenn took two very dangerous trips, the first manned orbital mission and a space shuttle flight, quite safely; just the other day, he was in a bad car accident in Ohio. Chuck Yeager proved the sound barrier was no barrier, but was severely injured when he fell off a ladder.

Out in Minnesota, Sean Soukkala said his pastor told him, "You can't get hung if you're supposed to drown." Do what you're going to do. What happens, happens.


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