Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Driven To Distraction

Exactly where is “Distraction”? I’ve been driven there many times, but I just can’t locate it. Tried my National Geographic atlas, to no avail; ditto the Merriam-Webster Geographic dictionary. Even tried to see what they offered; again, zilch. It sounds like some forlorn miner’s camp in Alaska, like Coldfoot or Deadhorse.

What sort of a vehicle is a Dudegon? Especially a High Dudgeon? I’ve heard reports of people leaving in one, but never actually saw the thing out on the street.

I also wonder about what type of hole you would need to lower your expectations. Do you lower them into a pit, or something you have dug yourself?

My mother was a High Episcopalian, despite being of average height. Or, she went to such a church which, as I recall, wasn’t much taller than any other house of worship.

One of my relatives must have been hauling ice, because I heard he gave someone the cold shoulder. Or was it an icy stare?

Do you need to have an exceptionally long tongue to give someone a tongue-lashing?

How can you end up with egg on your face, when there is none in sight?

“You are a chicken” is a mis-identification, but “you are chicken” is an insult.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Exactly where is “Distraction”?

Well,since I've retired and if I am doing something and all of a sudden something neater shows up, what I WAS doing now becomes a distraction.

A positive distraction could be, for example, say that I am wiping dishes and out of the blue I have to use the bathroom.That is a positive distraction.

A negative distraction is while I'm using the bathroom, reading the paper and I hear,

''Hurry up, if you think I'm going to dry those dishes, you're mistaken.''

................Exit 318

January 13, 2011 4:41 PM  
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