Friday, April 02, 2010

A Day To Ponder Upon Ourselves

Everybody needs time off. Some call it a vacation, but most religions call it a day (or season) of atonement, repentance; a time of soul-searching, a quiet period when we can see where we are going. The fact that all religions have this means they see an importance in this practice.

Where are we eventually headed, amid all the important and frivolous activities of the day? Do we have time to make sense of our lives, to make up for the hurts we have caused others, to repent of the evil we have done?

When we look back a photos of ourselves as children, do we wonder what went wrong? Do we wish we had not become so hardened as we are now? Or do we say, “That’s the way the world works: kill or be killed, step on or be stepped on, it’s the law of the jungle out there.”

You never see an armored car at a burial service. When a person dies, they can’t take any of their toys with them. All they have is who they are, for better or worse; and you want it for better.

I’ve never met a true atheist; I’ve met people who are mad at God, for whatever reason they have cooked up, I’ve met people who are mad at their church, I’ve met people who thought they are the pinnacle of creation. But we all believe and we all need our periods of reflection, of repentance. Today is Good Friday for Christians, one of those days.


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