Sunday, September 06, 2009

You Can't Fall Up

Although it would be interesting if we could try. I wonder how we would get around if we could fall up? Would the wooly mammoths have existed, given their size and the difficulty they would have had in just expending the necessary energy to remain on, or near, the earth’s surface.

Maybe we might have been equipped with suction-cup feet, similar to the Dahl’s Sheep who leap from tiny ledge to tiny ledge on cliff sides in Alaska.

Whatever, life would be so immensely different that we could barely imagine it, even as much as we try. The more literal and rational of us might stop right here and say, “That’s impossible; gravity blah blah; the universe; blah blah; physics, blah blah. Look, this is a Dr. Seuss post where anything can happen. Why not?

But, in the real world, gravity is so predictable. You fall off a ladder and you land on your @. If “a,” then “b.” Simple. Drop a piece of toast and it lands on the floor, most likely butter-side down. Drop a cat and it lands on the floor, most likely feet-side down. Still simple, for both examples.

Up until now, we’ve thought there are gravity waves which pull things to a larger object. Now there is a school of thought that the Dark Matter (dark = don’t know what it is) which makes up much of the universe actually pushes things until you run into an object that pushes you down. Think about that as you fall off the ladder.


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