Saturday, May 09, 2009

Popping Up Like Moving Mushrooms

I've been watching, main map, click on Pennsylvania, click on "show animation - loop" and there are thunderstorms coming out of nowhere today. Watch for one in your neighborhood.

Go to the site, then add /National/Radar and click on the US map. If the left-hand state listings show up, run it up to “United States” and then click on the area of your choice.

This is my main source of information on where the weather currently is, where it is going and if/when it will hit Our Fair City. Oddly enough, it looks an awful lot like what I see on the local tv station’s Super Duper Radar.

Once you get used to it, you can zoom in on various parts of the country (that is: where you live, where your friends or relatives live) and see what’s going on with the folks.

I use it to warn an on-the-road friend when I see a snow squall or a line of bad thunderstorms approaching where she is currently working or will be driving. It can make a big difference in how she plans her movements.

It’s also good when I wonder “umbrella: yes or no” before heading out of the house. It can be very cloudy but with no real storm showing up. Or, I can see something coming that doesn’t appear in the sky yet.


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