Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Docs Came

Not the physician docs, not the "What's Up, Doc?", but the travel docs -documents- I need for my trip.

For the cruiser, whether novice or experienced, the cruise documents’ arrival is celebrated on the message boards as “Doing the doc dance.” Well, perhaps by everybody else; I am not quite that enthusiastic. Probably the New England Yankee in me.

About three years ago, mine came and I called my travel agent over across the river. Seems as how I thought I had booked one particular cruise, but instead was going on some other sailing. She laughed; “You mean you didn’t know until two days before sailing where you were going?”

No, I didn’t, nor did it make the slightest bit of difference to me. As long as it was a Holland America Line ship and the cruise was more than ten days, I was happy. The fact that I booked the “wrong” cruise meant I would be seeing some new ports, that’s all. To my mind, there’s no such thing as the wrong cruise.

The ship is the destination. I unpack when I get aboard and then I check to see where we are going and when we get there. This time, I found out we are not going to Portland, Maine; I thought so, as we had been there before, but Bar Harbor is the Maine stop.

I guess I should stop here and check the docs.


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