Sunday, July 29, 2007

Doth Come Sleep; Cometh Valuable Rest

Not much of a problem for me, thanks to all the meds I take. Well, actually sleep *is* a problem, because it comes on and I have to stop what I’m doing or just go unconscious where I am.

Sometimes I will get into bed and, before I can turn my bedside light off, I’m gone. I wake up four hours later with the light still shining right into my face. How can I sleep like that? Easy, I told the questioner; I just did.

It’s nice to have the ability to just drop off when you feel a bit tired. Light, noise, activity; none of these bother you. When it’s time to sleep, you just do it.

I once told my neurologist that I probably could sleep in hell. She said that sounded like a good talent to have.

A friend of mine, known for having all the answers but not all the questions, told me the correct way to sleep, according to NASA. I told him to blow it out his @. “The correct way to sleep is the position I am in when I nod off,” I told him. “In bed, in a chair, wherever I am; if it’s comfortable enough, it’s the correct way for that moment.”

Girl: “I can sleep anywhere.”
Guy: “So I’ve heard.”
End of relationship.


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