Thursday, July 26, 2007

How Did We Get Along Without Whatever?

"How did our parents / our country / the world ever get along without the internet / computers / microwave ovens?" etc to infinity.

They were probably wondering how their parents ever got along without the DC-3, an airplane so advanced that there was a hit big band song about it, "Skyliner."

Our parents might have asked how their parents managed to drive long distances without the Lincoln Highway (Route 20), the fabled Route 66, or the East Coast’s Route 1 from Maine to Key West.

Each generation does quite well with what it has, wonders how those previous got along with less and never thinks of what might be coming in the future. We will look back on today’s clunky, inefficient ways and say (a) It was good enough then and it’s still good enough, or (b) keep leaping forward.

Just how did we get along without e-mail? Well, we wrote letters or called on the phone. Yes, we managed, but we do so much better today. The DC-3 was fine for our grandparents, and only took 18 hours to fly from one coast to another. They existed quite well without tv, but missed all the excellent cable programming we have now.

Anybody really want to go back? If it was good enough for Gramps, is it good enough for us? It wasn’t for mine; he was one of the first to get a tv!


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