Sunday, April 09, 2006

Get Out Of Hell Free

I forgot my wallet this morning; only the second time that's happened. On the way back from church, I thought about what's in there:
(a) My driver's license, for one (just renewed two days earlier)
(b) My one credit card
(c) $37 in bills: a 20, 10, 5 and two 1's -- the fewest number that I really need to carry.
(d) A few "Get Out Of Hell Free" cards.
(e) Other essentials.

"Get Out Of Hell Free"?

I get them from Randy Cassingham's site,; a spinoff from his site. They are a really good take-off on Monopoly's "Get out of jail free" cards and people love getting them. Generally, I give them out to people who indicate they've had a long and/or bad day. Randy says he sells 10,000 a month, sometimes that many a week.

We want that assurance, no matter how comic it might be, that all will turn out well in the end. The cards don't give us assurance, but merely confirm what we already know -- unless we are real rounders, we will, indeed, get out of Hell free.

Everybody has a story:

A husband and his pregnant wife emigrated to the United States many years ago. Upon landing here, the wife became a mother. The girl who was born in the Ellis Island immigration center moved to our area and just recently passed away in her old age. Were there many people who opened their eyes for the first time in this country?


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