Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Few Last Events, 1

--Santiago, Chile (1980) remained the last major city to have an all-volunteer fire department.
--The last Railway Post Office (1977) went out of service.
--The last cigarette ad seen on U.S. (1971) tv gets on the air by mistake.
--King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella’s order banning all Jews from Spain is declared void (1968) after 476 years.
--The last meatless Friday (1966) ends a 1,000-year-old Catholic tradition.

--Timed postmarks are used for the last time in the U.S. (1964).
--Philadelphia’s traditional Mummers Parade features “blackface” marchers for the last time (1963) after a lawsuit.
--The last 3-cent first class letters are delivered (1958).
--The last witness to the Wright Brothers 1903 flight, John Moore, died (1952).
--New York’s subway had its last nickel ride (1948).

--Large-size U. S. dollar bills are issued (1929) for the last time.
--Martha, the last of America’s two billion passenger pigeons died in the Cincinnati zoo (1941).
--Indian-head pennies are minted for the last time (1909)
--The twenty-cent piece is no longer made in the U. S. (1878).
--The 3-cent and 2-cent pieces. are abolished (1873).
From “The Last Time When.”


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